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Nikon D760 or Nikon Mirrorless

The Nikon D750 has been the king of the hill for a full frame 24MP camera for some time now and is overdue for a replacement so are we looking at a D760? or is Nikon going to bypass a D760 and go for a full frame Mirrorless camera body? My guess is that Nikon will be coming out very soon with a D750 replacement a D760 and we will see it announced by the end of December and it will be shipping my the first part of March.

Looking back to last year Nikon announced the D500 and D5 in December and I had my D500 in my hands in March as I had pre-ordered and was at the top of the list. With the D850 just out not to long ago Nikon needs a few months get it sold before bringing out a D750 replacement.

So what will the D760 be or not be?  From all reports I have read the new D760 will be a full frame 24mp camera with a new sensor that delivers even better high iso clean images and with even better low light focus down to a lower light level.

What Will a D760 Be?

Basically, I think the new D760 will be like the D500 body with a full frame chip in it. That will include the back touchscreen that flips out with the same very nice touch controls and swipe features. Then with the D500s new focus selector joystick that I have become so accustomed to using now and the better button placement making it a much better camera to use.

I would love for it to have a base ISO of 64 to help nock down the sun on bright days and I hope they move the shutter speed up from only 4000 to 8000 to make it more usable shooting wide open with  1.4 and 1.8 lenses on bright days. And the larger the better viewfinder. I also expect it to shoot 4k video and it would be nice if it had a 4k still shooting mode as well.

But what about a full frame Nikon Mirrorless camera? It very overdue and Nikon needs to get one out so will we see a Mirrorless FF or a D760 or both.

If I had to pick one I would love to have a Full Frame Mirrorless as long as it can still use the same lens and still drive the older lens as well and it is fully weather sealed. For shooting portraits, it would be a huge plus to be able to see the real exposure in the electronic viewfinder like you can with Sony cameras and when shooting outdoors like I do most of the time to be able to review your shot image in the view finder would be fantastic blocking out all the sun from washing out the screen. For me, i could at that point never even need to use a back screen unless I am showing an image to a customer for a quick preview.

A Nikon Mirrorless Camera

If Nikon comes out with a Mirrorless camera that uses all new lens and old ones cannot be used then this will be a shame and I would probably never buy it as I have too many lenses including older lens I love using. If they have a special adaptor you can use with order lens I would have to wonder if it will support the older screw drive lens if not then it not for me. If it is all new lens then it will be a very slow system to take off unless it does have an adaptor for other lens and I would hope they will work with all the focus points and not be limited to only a few.

So what will we have next a Nikon D760 or Nikon full-frame Mirrorless. Whatever it is I hope it is soon. As for the D850 to me, it just cost too much money and has too many MPs I do not need for anything I ever shoot so that is not on my list of cameras to ever buy I would take a used D4 over the D850.


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